Which is the best option for you daily walk with your pets?

Which is the best option for you daily walk with your pets? 

If you search for dog waste bag, dog poop bag or doggy (doggie) bags, you will find so many options from different brands with varied colours and packaging styles accompanied by the perplexing terms like bio-degradable and compostable. So how do you know which one is the most suitable for your need? 

  • Packaging style: 

Two main styles: bulk packaging and small rolls for convenience. 

Dog waste bag on roll bulk quantity 

Bulk packaging means a roll or a packaged box with a few hundreds of dog waste bags. These packages are huge and can be placed at some fixed places at home. You can take 1-2 bags for a walk on the way out the door. Meanwhile the small rolls are for forgetful people (like me!). These tiny rolls contain only 15-20 bags per rolls, the size of the roll is similar to a lipstick and can fit in my pocket, backpacks or even the back-pocket of my jeans. These can also be fitted into cute tiny dispensers to be attached to my keychain. Unless the roll runs out, these are convenient options for about 2 weeks when I can just pop out the door with my dog without the hassle of reminding myself to take some bags for my pet before heading out. 


Dog waste bag on roll pocket size for dispenser 

  • Colours : 

Colours won’t affect the quality of the bags, but the bag with colours and cute prints will cost you a little more than the plain ones that do the same job.